Music for hire

We have a library of music available for use by choir members, that is also available for hire to other choirs/organisations.  Please see current list below.  If you would like further information and/or prices, please contact Ros Maidment (

Please click here to download the full list as an excel spreadsheet.


Composer Piece Language Edition Voices No of Copies price £pcpm
Bach, JS Kantate No 191 – Gloria in Excelsis deo – BWV 191 Latin Breitkopf SSATB 24 0.3
Beethoven, Ludwig van Christus Am Oelberge – The Mount of Olives German Kalmus Vocal Scores STB solo + SATB 59 0.3
Bernstein, Leonard Chichester Psalms Hebrew Amberson Enterprises S solo + SATB 4 0.3
Bernstein, Leonard Chichester Psalms Hebrew Amberson Enterprises Score Reduction 3 0.5
Brahms, Johannes Fest-und Gedenkspruche German Breitkopf SSAATTBB 46 0.3
Britten, Benjamin Rejoice in the Lamb English Boosey & Hawkes SATB soloists + SATB 15 0.3
Bruch, Max Musicaklang – Opus 71 No 5 German & English Heinrichshofen Chormisik SSATBB 59 0.3
Bruckner, Anton Ave Maria & Tota pulchra est Latin Peters SATB 20 0.3
Bruckner, Anton Psalm 114 (WAB 36) German IMSLP SAATB + 3 trombones 52 0.3
Bruckner, Anton Libera me (WAB 22) Latin CPDL SSATB+organ & tromboni 52 0.1
Busto, Javier Ave Maria Latin Bustovega SATB 44 0.3
Busto, Javier Exultate Deo Latin Bustovega SATB 63 0.3
Busto, Javier O Magnum Mysterium Latin Bustovega SATB 63 0.3
Byrd, William Laudibus in Sanctis Latin Handlo Copy SSATB 42 0.2
Byrd, William Mass in 4 parts (no Credo) Latin CPDL SATB 24 0.2
Clucas, Humphrey Rorate Coeli Latin Animus  SSAATTBB 63 0.3
Carter, Andrew – Arranger Three English Folk Songs English Banks Music SSAATTBB 70 0.3
Dyson, George Nebuchadnezzar English Official Copy SSAATTBB 50 0.4
L’Estrange, Alexander Lute Book Lullaby English Faber Music SSAATTBB+Organ 60 0.5
Grieg, Edvard Four Psalms in German and Norwegian Norwegian & German Carus-Verlag B solo + SATB 23 0.3
Harvey, Jonathan Come, Holy Ghost English Faber Music SSAATTBB 45 0.3
Haydn Mass in B major Latin Kalmus Vocal Scores SATB 60 0.5
Holst, Gustav Nunc Dimittis Latin Novello SSAATTBB 58 0.3
Ives, Charles Sixty-seventh Psalm English Associated Music Publishers SSAATTBB 60 0.3
Jackson Gabriel Salus aeterna English new Horizons SATB 68 0.3
Jackson Gabriel The Christ Child English OUP SATB 68 0.3
Jackson Gabriel Ane sang of the Birth of Christ English new Horizons SATB + S solo 70 0.3
Jackson Gabriel Three prayers and a vision of light English & Latin OUP SATB 68 0.5
Jackson, Stephen – Arranger Noel Nouvelet French & English Novello SSAATTBB 58 0.3
Janacek, Leos – Arr Tucapsky, Antonin Otcenas – Our Father Czech & English Roberton Publications SATB 52 0.5
Lotti Cruxifixus a 10 Latin Kings Music SSSAATTTBB 70 0.3
Lotti Cruxifixus a 6 Latin Kings Music SSATTB 88 0.3
Lukaszewski, Pawel Nunc Dimittis Latin Chester Music SATB solo + SATB  57 0.3
Massenet British Library French British Library  SATB 80 0.3
Meakins, Vaughan De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy English Roberton Publications SATB +piano  39 0.3
Mendelssohn-Batholdy, Felix Jesu, Meine Freude German & English Carus-Verlag SATB+Strings 28 0.3
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Weihnachten German Choral Domain Library SSAATTBB 60 0.2
Miskinis, Vytautas O Salutaris hostia Latin Carus-Verlag SAATTBB 55 0.3
Orban, Gyorgy Daemon irrepit Callidus Latin Hinshaw SATB 60 0.3
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings Ode on the Nativity English Official Copy   60 0.3
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings Never weather beaten sail English Handlo SSATB 60 0.3
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings I was glad when they said unto me English Handlo Copy SSAATTBB 39 0.3
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings My soul, there is a country English Handlo Copy SATB 63 0.3
Pearsall, Robert Great God of love – Madrigal English Novello SSAATTBB 72 0.3
Pearsall, Robert Lay a garland – Madrigal English Oxford Music SSAATTBB 38 0.3
Pearsall, Robert Light of my Soul – Madrigal English Novello SSAATTBB 77 0.3
Purcell, Henry Hear my prayer, O Lord English Handlo Copy SSAATTBB 47 0.2
Purcell, Henry Remember not, Lord, our offences English Novello SSATB 49 0.3
Purcell, Henry Man that is born of a woman – Funeral Anthem English Stainer & Bell SATB 60 0.3
Rathbone, Jonathan Gabriel’s Message English Peters SSAATTBB 60 0.3
Riley, Colin Roads shining like river uphill after rain English Official copy SSAATTBB+soli+cello 50 0.4
Rutter, John The Lord bless you and keep you English Oxford University Press SATB 48 0.3
Schlenker, Terry Timor et tremor Latin Santa Barbara Music SATB 62 0.3
Schutz, Heinrich von Selig sind die toten German Barenreiter SSATTB 35 0.3
Schubert, Franz The Lord is my Shepherd English Novello SATB 48 0.3
Sheppard, John Libera  nos, salva nos Latin CPDL SSAATTB 55 0.2
Tallis, Thomas If You love me English CPDL SATB 55 0.2
Tallis, Thomas Suscipe quaeso Domine Latin Handlo Music SSAATTBB 65 0.3
Tavener, John Mother and Child (Special Edition) English Chester Music SATB + hindu temple gong 59 0.3
Vaughan Williams, Ralph Mass in G minor Latin Faber Music SATB solo + SSAATTBB 58 0.3
Villette, Pierre Hymne a la Vierge French Durand SATB (poor copy) 34 0.3
Vittoria, Tomas Luis de Ecce sacerdos magnus Latin JOED Music SATB 68 0.3
Vittoria, Tomas Luis de Magnificat Sexti Toni Latin Official Copy SSATB 65 0.2
Weelkes, Thomas Hosanna to the Son of David English Handlo Copy SATB 30 0.2
Weill/ Arranged Swingle Singers Mack the Knife English Jazz Press SSAATTBB 60 0.5
White, Robert edited David Willcocks Christe, qui lux es et dies – Compline hymn Latin Oxford University Press SSATB 74 0.3
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace English Fineprint copy SATTB 65 0.3
Wilby, Philip Echo Carol English Banks Music Publ 3 upper voices+organ 50 0.3
Wood, Charles arranged Denis Wright Music when soft voices die English Year Book Press SATB 50 0.3
Whitacre, Eric This Marriage English Chester Music SATB 30 0.3
Whitacre, Eric Water Night English Walton Music SATB 60 0.3
Whitacre, Eric Lux Aurumque Latin Walton Music SATB 60 0.3
Cinema Classics:            
Patrick Doyle Non nobis Domine (Henry V) Latin Fred Bock SATB divisi 50 0.4
Annie Lennox Into the West (Lord of the Rings) English   Alfred Publishing co. SATB +piano  50 0.4
Henry Mancini The days of Wine and Roses English   Alfred Publishing co. SATB divisi 50 0.4
Henry Mancini Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) English   Shaween Press Inc SATB +piano  50 0.4
John Williams Duel of the Fates (Star Wars) English  & Alien Alfred Publishing co. SATB divisi 50 0.4
John Williams Exsultate Justi (Empire of the Sun) Latin Alfred Publishing co. SATB 50 0.4